We Predict 2023 Trends & What to Leave Behind in 2022

by chirpyest

It’s officially the last day of 2022, and we are here to share what trends we predict for 2023 – along with which ones we plan to leave behind. This year a lot of trends were discovered and influenced through social media. Platforms took over the shoe game and who wasn’t wearing a mini-skirt this summer? It was also a year for comebacks from brands like Coach and Ugg.

We have asked some of our favorite creators what they think the hottest trends of 2023 will be, and what trends they plan to leave behind in 2022.

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Bethany’s 2023 Predictions

What to say hello to in 2023: “Lots of sheer outfits, big tulle silhouettes, and more Barbie pink!”

What to leave behind in 2022: “Ballet Flats”

Favorite Look of 2022

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Tiffany’s 2023 Predictions

What to say hello to in 2023: “Whether we’re into platforms or not I definitely see them being a big trend all 2023! The colors of 2023 I predict are shades of green and blue. P.S. I’m not complaining because these colors make me happy, it gives me a vacay kind of vibe and I love it!”

What to leave behind in 2022: “I’m leaving behind, but only for a bit are Skinny Jeans! Give me all the baggy denim jeans because I truly am loving them right now. I’m not saying I’ll completely throw out all my skinny jeans, but I will be moving them to the back of my closet for 2023.”

Favorite Look of 2022

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Tomar’s 2023 Predictions

What to say hello to in 2023: “A trend I am really starting to see come back are neck accessories beside necklaces (skinny scarves, rose chokers, pendant chokers) these have slowly crept their way in during 2022 but I feel like they are going to become a lot more popular in the new year!”

What to leave behind in 2022: “A trend I am leaving behind in 2022 is micro mini skirts. Personally, they are not very wearable and not very comfortable to do anything other than take pictures in.”

Favorite Look of 2022

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What are your 2023 trend predictions? Let us know in the comments!

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