The Essentials: 5 Beach Reads to Have on Hand

by chirpyest

Beach reads are an essential you should always have on hand. There is just something about reading on beach during the summer that makes you feel like a main character in a movie. The books we are sharing today all take place in the summer, near the beach or make you want to be near one. All perfect essential beach reads for the summer.

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1. Beach Read – Emily Henry

If the title doesn’t convince you to read this book this summer I’m not sure what will. It is quite literally the perfect beach read rom-com. January and Augustus were rivals in their college writing course. Now both in a writing rut, they are neighbors for the summer. With a creative bet to write in each other’s style this book is perfect read by the beach.

2. Heart Bones – Colleen Hoover

Ready to leave her struggled upbringing behind her, Beyah has to turn to her estranged father for lodging before she heads off to college in two months. While staying at the lavish beach house for the summer she plans on laying low, but her rich neighbor Samson has other plans for her. While on the surface it may not seem they have a lot in common, they both attract sadness – which in turn attracts each other. Will this just stay a summer fling? Or will there be another surprise in store this summer?

3. My Killer Vacation – Tessa Bailey

What’s better than a murder mystery? That’s right a spicy murder mystery. The sweet Taylor Bassey is determined to have a relaxing vacation at Cape Cod. But when the elementary school teacher finds a dead body upon her arrival to her rental, it is anything but. To add on top of that a rude and grumpy bounty hunter has been assigned to investigate and he wants nothing to do with Taylor’s amateur sleuthing – or does he?

4. The Perfect Couple – Elin Hilderbrand

Wedding season on Nantucket Island has arrived. A summer wedding taking place is the talk of the town – a wealthy family preparing a lavish event on the ocean-front estate. Thought to be a memorable affair – and it is, but not for expected reasons. A body is found in the harbor the morning of the wedding, turning this ceremony into an investigation where everyone is a suspect and we find out that not every couple is perfect.

5. The Unhoneymooners

Another rom-com in book form. Olive is normally considered the unlucky twin, however after her twin’s wedding the entire party gets food poisoning except for her and the best man Ethan. Now there is a free trip to Maui up for grabs which they both decide to take. Did I mention Olive and Ethan hate each other? That’s right, they both too stubborn to let one or the other take the trip. Now they have to fake being a couple on a romantic honeymoon, what could go wrong?

What are some of your go to beach reads? Let us know in the comments!

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