How to Make Affiliate Links On Chirpyest

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Do you ever wonder how your favorite influencer makes money? Influencers are monetizing their content with affiliate links. Affiliate links have become a driving force for making passive income. Chirpyest offers a free share link tool to convert URLs into custom tracking links. Now you can share a link and when someone shops your link then YOU earn cash back. There is no application process or fee, unlike other platforms. And NO FOLLOWER REQUIREMENT. So don’t worry if you don’t have a huge following. We believe that every voice has value! Share links with your friends and family to earn a little extra pocket money for yourself!

How Does It Work?

Find a product you want to share on an affiliated site. You can see our full list of affiliate brands here. Copy the URL (see example below).

After you create a Chirpyest account, paste the URL into the “create share link” tool located on the top right of the Chirpyest homepage. Then click the “create share link” button.

Chirpyest will create a custom short link (highlighted below) for you to share with your friends and followers. Once you share and someone shops the link, you will earn a commission! It’s that easy!

How Much Commission Will I Earn?

Once someone makes a purchase using your link, you will earn the same cash back percentage as your commission for that brand. For example, Lululemon is at 7.5% cash back. If someone shops your Chirpyest link of a Lululemon product, then you will earn 7.5% cash back from their cart total at check out.

Go to our brands list to see other cash back percentages or add our browser extension.

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