As we start spring cleaning we usually start throwing out the old merchandise that we might not use anymore. The pantry is where we usually start and is probably the most important.

When we’re talking about updating our pantry we’re not just talking about food but the assortment of new appliances. An important reason to update your pantry is it’s way more efficient to prepare meals when everything has a specific place. The Container Store has great appliances to help keep your food neat and tidy. Keeping up with the hottest new pantry essentials can be tough so. Here’s a list of some must-haves from The Container Store, where you get 7.5% cash back when you shop with chirpyest.

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It’s time for your annual spring cleaning session. From throwing out clothes, organizing closets and cleansing your bathrooms. We have curated a list of 9 must have items that will have your home looking and feeling brand new!

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Grove Collaborative

Grove is a Eco-friendly home essentials collaborative company. They specialize in creating home essentials kits for house cleaning, personal care, and pet products. Some of Grove’s best products are their Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle, Total Clean Dishwasher Detergent Packs and Hydrating Hand Soap.

Blueland: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Blueland is a everyday Eco-friendly cleaning supply company that helps you save money and space without the toxic plastic waste. Sop some top sellers like the Glass & Mirror Forever Bottle & Tablet, Bathroom Tablet Eucalyptus Mint, and their Foaming Hand Soap Forever Bottle & Tablet.


Cleancult is a cleaning company that specializes in the use of real, powerful indigents. The is to create a new way to clean. Three of our favorite products are the Dish Soap Glass Bottle, Bar Soap, and the Liquid Hand Soap Carton Refill.

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We are just days away from warmer weather and we have some spring finds under $99 that you need to get your hands on this season. From all things fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle. Save this spring with these finds all under $99 below.

Fashion Spring Finds

1. Floral Dress

What is spring without a go to floral dress? Dress it up with sandals or down with sneakers and a denim jacket.

2. Denim Jacket

Another classic item you’ll need for the spring weather. It’s still a bit chilly and pairs well with any outfit.

3. Sandals

The perfect casual sandal – dress up or down with this neutral block heel shoe.

4. Romper

Everyone loves a good romper – the perfect spring day time attire.

5. White Sneakers

While it may be considered a “basic” item, it is definitely popular for a reason. This season spice up your all white air forces with this pair that adds a pop of color.

6. Tote Bag

A bigger bag is essential once spring rolls around. Everyone is out more than not – get this nude tote perfect for any outfit and can hold all essential items.

7. Colorful Sunglasses

We all need a fun pair of sunnies to wear for spring, why not this pastel pair?

Home Spring Finds

8. Colored Glassware

Bring some color into your kitchen accessories with these mint colored glasses.

9. Faux Flowers

While a real bouquet is always ideal, make sure to have a faux set to always have the ambiance of fresh flowers.

10. Bright Art

Add vibrance to your home with a bright art piece.

11. Pastel Candles

May the scent be sweeter and the candles brighter as we enter this spring season.

12. Rattan Baskets

Rattan is always on trend in the spring and summer months – add to you home with these cute and useful baskets.

13. Assorted Pillows

Have a neutral colored couch? Brighten up your living area with some colorful decorative pillows.

14. Flower Shaped Lamp

Make your decor fun and quirky this spring with a flower shaped lamp.

15. Vases

We want everything pastel in our home for spring.

Beauty Spring Finds

16. Spring Scent

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is the perfect feminine scent for spring. With notes of blackberry, grapefruit and jasmine pick up this rollerball – perfect to fit in your purse.

17. Bright Blush

This spring we aren’t going to be so subtle with the colors on our cheeks – grab this bright pink to add a nice flush to your cheeks.

18. SPF

While you should wear SPF year round, the sun is back out to play – make sure you always protect your skin with sunscreen.

19. Rosy Eyeshadow Palette

Full of neutrals and rosy pinks to channel your inner feminine spring eye-look.

20. Purple Shampoo

With warmer weather comes lighter hair – if you are someone who gets highlights or goes blonder come the spring be sure to maintain that color with a purple shampoo.

21. Floral Lotion

Lather up with this floral scented lotion – with notes of white rose, peony, and blonde woods.

Lifestyle Spring Finds

22. Hydro Flask

Always stay hydrated no matter the season – this spring update your water bottle to a fun bright color.

23. Mini Polaroid

A cute and easy way to take pictures – tiny enough to fit in your bag to capture memories everywhere you go.

24. Wrist Weights

Now that spring has arrived that means summer is right around the corner. Whip yourself to get summer bod ready and add these weights into your routine.

25. Portable Blender

Be mindful of your health and blend your juices on the go.

26. Record Player

Put the windows down, play music on this cool record player and dance around while enjoying the sunshine.

27. Diffuser

Add spring aromas to the air like eucalyptus and lavender.

28. Manifesting Journal

Only good and positive thoughts will be put out this spring – always manifest and write your thoughts down in this journal.

29. Pastel Travel Bags

It’s time to travel and make sure your bags are pastel – not only for spring but it also makes it easier to find.

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Do you have the perfect spot to cozy up and read but are in a reading slump? The chirpyest team has you covered with 12 books to read in a cozy nook. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or trying to inspire and motivate yourself. We have curated a list of reads to help you become a book worm.

BookTok Reads

Safe to say that TikTok has inspired many out there to get back into reading. From tear jerkers to everything Colleen Hoover – and those surprisingly spicy books with cartoon covers. What booktok reads have you gotten that are worth the hype?

Fantasy Finds

Escape reality and jump into an alternate universe – after all isn’t reading a form of escaping? Check out one of these fantasy reads and let us know which world you would join if you had the choice.

Wellness Reads

Not looking for fiction but want to motivate yourself mentally? Below are the perfect reads to boost that self confidence and grow as a person.

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Spring break season is officially upon us – and we are predicting Palm Springs will be the place to be. The perfect place to lounge and relax. A place to escape everyday realities, sit back and enjoy the sun. Perfect for a family or a girls’ getaway. Continue below to see why we think Palm Springs is the ultimate spring break destination.

Cool off By the Pool

Take an Instagram worthy photo floating in the pool with a frozen drink in hand

Enjoy Some Greenery

Enjoy the lavish greenery and all of the palm trees that surround you

Kick Back and Relax

spring break
If those rays become too strong, lay under an umbrella with a good book

Have you been to Palm Springs? Comment below if you have and what your favorite spring break location!

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In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting some of our favorite female-owned brands we love to support. Being a female-owned company ourselves we love to support other brands owned by women. From lifestyle to beauty brands we have highlighted some of our favorites. Follow along to see what companies you may or may now know have a strong female in charge.


If you love to travel you have definitely seen these trendy luggage brands. Founded by Jen Rubio and Stephanie Korey, Away’s hardshell suitcases have quickly become popular since launching in 2015. With stylish and smart storage space, this brand is an easy go-to for all travelers.

Veronica Beard

Veronica Beard is owned by sisters-in-law Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard. Their friendship and mutual love for fashion brought them together. After leaving their careers in finance and fashion to raise their kids, they decided to start their own clothing line that has now evolved into one of my favorite brands Veronica Beard.

7.5% cash back

The Honest Company

Founded by Jessica Alba, created her clean and sustainable brand with the idea in mind to help the wellness of not only people but the planet as well. Her goal is to build a diverse, inclusive, and ethical brand which is something we think everyone should support.


Co-founded by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, Cuyana is a timeless collection full of simple and carefully selected fabrics. A sustainable brand that is filled with quality products we think are staples that everyone needs.

female owned
Dress | Tote | Crossbody | Wrap Coat
10% cash back

Outdoor Voices

This activewear brand founded by Tyler Honey focuses on providing breathable and adorable outfits to be active in. With the perfect combination of style and quality – their clothes are perfect for any outdoor activity.


Noura Sakkijha founded Mejuri with the intent of helping women celebrate themselves – rather than the industry she saw that was built for men to gift women. Mejuri is filled with quality simplistic pieces that would go with any look.

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As February comes to a close, we are highlighting some of our top brands for the month. While hard to narrow down, we have selected brands from fashion to home decor for you to love into next month.


Shop and earn up to 10% cash back at Bloomingdale’s – a classic go to brand for everything you need.


Understated, and chic is the perfect way to describe Cuyana’s pieces. Shop some of their staple items like their tote and get 10% cash back.

J. Hannah Jewelry

This month we discovered the classic and fabulous pieces of J. Hannah Jewelry. Shop with chirpyest and get 12% cash back!

Ring 1 | Necklace | Ring 2 | Earrings 1 | Earrings 2 | Earrings 3

Neiman Marcus

Another top brand that has a never ending selection of products. Shop at Neiman Marcus and earn 10% cash back.

Parachute Home

The perfect place to go for all of your trendy bedding and stay at home needs. Splurge on a new bed set and get 10% cash back at Parachute Home.

top brands
Bed Set | Candle | Robe | Towels | Pillow Cover | Throw Blanket

Youth to The People

Get 10% cash back while you shop one of our favorite skincare brands. Youth to the People has many award winning products you need to try.

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We are a month into the new year – have you stuck with your 2022 goals so far? The chirpyest team is here to check on you to make sure you’re sticking to what to said you would do this year. Keep up with those workout routines and continue to eat your greens. Make sure to take your vitamins and always leave some space for some you time at the end of the day. Self care is always a step towards a healthier direction. Follow along below to help keep up with your fitness, food and lifestyle goals this spring.






Hello Fresh

Up to $20.00 cash back


Up to $50.00 cash back

Home Chef

Up to 35% cash back


Hum Nutrition


The Detox Market

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Featured Photography by Yoshihiro Makino

Styled by Colin King

We are a new shopping platform that allows you to earn $$ from over 850 retailers like Lululemon, Hello Fresh, Goop, Fabletics, Hum Nutrition and MORE!

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TikTok continues to be our persuasion when it comes to buying new products. Making it nearly impossible to find that product once it has gone viral. From sold out beauty products to a $600 vacuum for your hair. TikTok has a way of convincing us all that we need things just because someone says so. For example how can so many people want a perfume they haven’t even smelled? We’re taking a look at some products that went viral that we absolutely need and you should too.

Lip Plumping Serum

TikTok’s latest viral product has taken the beauty world by storm. Everyone wants to get their hands on this moisturizing and plumping serum that looks fabulous in any shade.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Skincare Foundation

A more natural glam look is on trend when it comes to makeup. So when Charlotte Tilbury released a foundation infused with skincare, you already know it became a smash hit.

Clinique Almost Lipstick

Known on TikTok for being a universal shade for everyone – this oldie but a goodie lipstick has been around since 1971.

Mini Uggs

Uggs have made a comeback thanks to Tiktok, especially this mini boots that you see everywhere.

Mirror Alarm Clock

A trendy and useful alarm clock that has usb ports plus looks sleek – of course it was a viral product.

Cream Blush

This pigmented product speaks for itself, nearly the entire Rare Beauty collection has gone viral on TikTok and this cream blush is no exception.

Flower Foaming Handsoap

Aside from expensive items, TikTok has a way of making you want the most random products as well. Who would have thought a hand soap that dispenses as a flower would go viral?

Eye Gel

Who doesn’t want to look younger? This product went viral once everyone saw how it instantly made your eyes look more youthful.

Baccarat Rouge 540

This extremely luxurious and pricey perfume has everyone wanting it without even knowing what it smells like. If you want a long lasting scent that makes you smell rich, this one is the way to go.

Dyson Air Wrap

Every girl has been obsessing over this pricey hair set – and why shouldn’t they? It makes your hair so volumicious and creates the perfect curl.

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Valentine’s Day is here but let’s not forget about the equally important Galentine’s Day. While today is mostly focused on romantic couples, we can’t forget all about those singles out there. Ladies those of you who are not in a relationship and celebrate with your friends, this is for you. We are taking a look into our shopping cart for the perfect Galentine’s Day items. Whether you are gifting these items or stalking up to use for the evening. These 10 items are perfect to help celebrate your friendship with your closest single gals.

1. Silk Pajamas

Staying in with the girls? Do it in style in comfort in this silky Skims PJ set.

2. Scented Candles

Set the mood and at least pretend you have a man in your life with this Boy Smells candle.

3. Chocolate

I mean do we really have to state why this is necessary?

4. Oversized Wine Glass

This may be the most dramatic wine glass – so obviously we have to have it.

5. Heart Shaped Baking Pan

Because we obviously need more sweets than just chocolate and candy. Bake your way with this heart shaped cake pan.

6. Fuzzy Slippers

Trade the heels for these fuzzy slippers this evening (your feet will thank you later).

7. Skin Care Kit

Treat yourself in the evening with a 10 step skincare routine to feel refreshed.

8. Card Games

Because why not make things interesting with a card game just “for the girls”?

9. Sweet Perfume

Smell sweet with this sugary scent, perfect for Galentine’s.

10. Throw Blanket

Cuddle up in this cozy teddy blanket while watch the The Notebook.

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