You need to jump on this hottest trend – hot girl walk!

If you’re not already familiar with the “Hot Girl Walk” from TikTok, it is a unique fitness creation, created by influencer Mia Lind (@exactlyliketheothergirls). The walk itself has a combination of positive thinking, doing, and feeling HOT!

It is a great way to improve your intake on fitness and self-esteem, and we have the perfect outfits for your Hot Girl Walk. Not only should you walk the walk, but you should feel yourself while looking stylish.

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Bring the Flare!

Add in some cute movement into your outfit! This will totally give you that Hot Girl look into your walk with the movement of the dress.

Dress | Bag | Shoes

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Green means GO!

You can include positive colors into your walk as well. Wearing the color green can motivate you to keep on walking and do not stop! This look includes the perfect comfort to push through.

Bra | Shorts | ShoesBag

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Wild with Spirit!

Choose your spirit animal and drive your walk with the wild side!

hot girl walk

Bra | Shorts | ShoesHat

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Comfy, Supreme, & Eco-friendly!

Take your Hot Girl Walk to the next level, and shop from a sustainable brand that has a their own environment rating; ‘it’s a start’.

Allbirds includes eco-friendly materials into their products.

hot girl walk

Bra | Leggings | Hat BagShoes

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Since June is coming to an end, it’s only right we put ya’ll on to some of our favorite brands of this month. All these brands are great essentials for the summer. After looking at this list tell us some of your favorites that you’ve shopped with or the ones that you can’t wait to browse.

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Anthropologie is a clothing retail company that offers an array of assorts from clothing, jewelry beauty products, and home furnishing. This month we have been loving their maxi dresses with fun prints!


We have been loving bright mini dresses for the summer, especially from Asos. Asos is a British online clothing company that is targeted to young adults who love having total freedom of themselves and what they wear.


Skims is a shape-wear and clothing brand founded by Kim Kardashian and Jen Grede. They are all about body positivity and being able to be inclusive to all body types.

Tata Harper

Tata Harper is a green beauty company. This brand offers powerful and natural skincare, that delivers results without any of those synthetic chemicals that other skin care lines use.

The Container Store

Perfect for spring cleaning this, we love to organize. The Container Store is a specialty retail chain company that offers storage and organization products and custom closets.

The RealReal

The RealReal is a an online and brick and mortar company that sells authenticated luxury consignment finds. They sell consigned clothing, fine jewelry, watches, fine art, and home decor.

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Are you looking for some Backyard BBQ Essentials? Well, June 21st marks the first official day of summer and what better why to celebrate it with a Backyard BBQ with family and friends. Whether it’s your first time hosting or just needing a checklist to make things easier, we are going to give you the ultimate guide. From the grill, the amazing lighting with tables and chairs to the outfits competing with the heat, we have the ultimate Backyard BBQ essential checklist

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This is super helpful when it comes to BBQ gathering that may run into the evening. With the sun going down, you need to still be able to enjoy the activities and food. Strings lights are highly popular and one of Backyard BBQ essentials when decorating the backyard area. Even outside of hosting a BBQ, they create a summer night vibe that just can’t be matched.

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Drink Dispensers

This is the perfect time to “DIY” some of the drink recipes that you have been saving on Pinterest or Tik Tok. The dispenser is definitely as an essential to be able to keep your drinks cold and refreshing while your guest are able to serve themselves throughout the BBQ. To make sure everyone is staying properly hydrated in the heat, we recommend using one of the dispenser for water.

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With it being the first official day of summer, you can be sure that the sun is going to make one stunning entrance by beaming down the heat at the BBQ. You’re not looking to burn the food on the grill, but you can not forget about your skin too! Sunscreen if not one, but definitely the most important Backyard BBQ essentials must have in order to help with protect your skin from the heat while you enjoy a refreshing drink and food.

Check out Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother and save 4% cash back!


How would anything would possible without the star of the show: The Grill! Get ready to fire it up for the hot dogs and hamburgers. Of course there is always food left over after your guest have helped themselves with to-go plates. Being able to contain the food properly with have your leftovers tasting like they just came off the grill!

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Table and Seating

With all the action happening outside, your guest are going to need a place to sit and eat. Using an extended size outdoor dining table would making everyone feel comfortable with enough elbow room to dig in! Also, great table space to set the food for those wanting seconds or even thirds.

Shop now at Pottery Barn to find the perfect outdoor dining table and set!


Now that summer is here, it’s time to dress for the heat. Whether you are keeping it cute or comfy, we have some essential items that will make for great BBQ outfits.

Feminine & Flirty

You can never go wrong with a flirty flare dress with wedges. It’s a classic pair that fitting for any backyard BBQ. Don’t be afraid of the color nude during the summer. It can go with any color in your wardrobe.

Shop this classic look at Express and earn 5% cash back!

Relaxed & Casual

For those going for a more relaxed look for the Backyard BBQ, look no further! Grab your favorite t-shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers and you are set for activities. Pair it with some modest accessories like a pair of sunglasses and a crossbody.

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We are sharing all must haves you need for the 4th of July. Whether you are hosting a backyard barbecue or attending as a guest, we have everything to make this holiday weekend festive. Sharing all things red, white and blue. Follow along below for festive decor, outfits and more!

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Host Must Haves

Needless to say that we need all things patriotic when it comes to decor. From flags to the flag on pillows. We want to see stars galore and nothing but red, white and blue.

Outfit Inspiration

Whether you are casual and comfortable at a backyard barbecue or getting dolled up for a rooftop party, make sure no matter what your outfit is festive and patriotic.

Must Have Activities

We can’t forget fun activities for those backyard and pool parties. Even if you are on the beach or by the lake. Always have games on hand like corn hole or a slip & slide. And don’t forget to end the night with sparklers.

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Beach reads are an essential you should always have on hand. There is just something about reading on beach during the summer that makes you feel like a main character in a movie. The books we are sharing today all take place in the summer, near the beach or make you want to be near one. All perfect essential beach reads for the summer.

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1. Beach Read – Emily Henry

If the title doesn’t convince you to read this book this summer I’m not sure what will. It is quite literally the perfect beach read rom-com. January and Augustus were rivals in their college writing course. Now both in a writing rut, they are neighbors for the summer. With a creative bet to write in each other’s style this book is perfect read by the beach.

2. Heart Bones – Colleen Hoover

Ready to leave her struggled upbringing behind her, Beyah has to turn to her estranged father for lodging before she heads off to college in two months. While staying at the lavish beach house for the summer she plans on laying low, but her rich neighbor Samson has other plans for her. While on the surface it may not seem they have a lot in common, they both attract sadness – which in turn attracts each other. Will this just stay a summer fling? Or will there be another surprise in store this summer?

3. My Killer Vacation – Tessa Bailey

What’s better than a murder mystery? That’s right a spicy murder mystery. The sweet Taylor Bassey is determined to have a relaxing vacation at Cape Cod. But when the elementary school teacher finds a dead body upon her arrival to her rental, it is anything but. To add on top of that a rude and grumpy bounty hunter has been assigned to investigate and he wants nothing to do with Taylor’s amateur sleuthing – or does he?

4. The Perfect Couple – Elin Hilderbrand

Wedding season on Nantucket Island has arrived. A summer wedding taking place is the talk of the town – a wealthy family preparing a lavish event on the ocean-front estate. Thought to be a memorable affair – and it is, but not for expected reasons. A body is found in the harbor the morning of the wedding, turning this ceremony into an investigation where everyone is a suspect and we find out that not every couple is perfect.

5. The Unhoneymooners

Another rom-com in book form. Olive is normally considered the unlucky twin, however after her twin’s wedding the entire party gets food poisoning except for her and the best man Ethan. Now there is a free trip to Maui up for grabs which they both decide to take. Did I mention Olive and Ethan hate each other? That’s right, they both too stubborn to let one or the other take the trip. Now they have to fake being a couple on a romantic honeymoon, what could go wrong?

What are some of your go to beach reads? Let us know in the comments!

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Trying to be “that girl” this summer? We’ve got you covered on what routine to have to feel your best self, and have everyone asking what makes you “that girl”? Get inspired to feel and look your best self this summer with a routine that is sure to make you feel like that girl.

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Make Your Bed

We are all guilty of not making our bed every morning, but if you start off with making it the first thing in the morning it starts off your day on a productive note.

Skincare for Selfcare

Refresh and take care of your skin as part of your summer routine. Stay moisturized and pile on the SPF to help protect your skin from harsh UV rays. Keep in mind this will also help prevent wrinkles and also create a great base before any makeup routine.


No matter if you prefer glasses to cups, or even a water bottle the goal is to stay hydrated! Especially as the summer months approach us is one of the best and easiest parts of your routine.


Whether you prefer a hard core Peleton workout or a simple 15 minute walk around the neighborhood. Exercising in the morning helps energize you for the rest of the day.

Tank Top | Shorts | Sneakers | Yoga Mat
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Spend some time away from the screen – instead read a book to relax, or journal to get your thoughts aligned and motivated.

Spend Time Outside

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Let’s shop the perfect finds for the Father’s Day which is just around the corner. Find the perfect gift for your Dad this year with our gift guide below. A classic cologne for that over the top dad. Ear buds for the tech dad, and a portable grill for the outdoorsy one. There is something for every kind of dad below with these Father’s Day finds.

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It’s time for another round up of our top brands of the month. May has come to a close and we are reviewing some of our top brands we loved this spring season.

This month was all about accessories for us – from fashion to home decor. We were all about sunnies and bags for spring, even phone cases to match the change in season.

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A classic go-to for keeping up with all the latest fashion trends. Bloomingdale’s never let us down when it comes to accessorizing plus earn 5% cash back with Chirpyest.


Offering both protection and style? How could we not shop at Casetify for new phone cases and get 5% cash back!

Pottery Barn

Get 5% cash back at Pottery Barn – we have been loving their new coastal collection for this upcoming Summer.

Scout & Nimble

One of our favorite brands for neutral furniture plus get 7.5% cash back!


Not only do we love their selection of luxury fashion but also their luxurious home appliances and decor. And don’t forget to save with Chirpyest and get 3.75% cash back.

Warby Parker

Get 10% cash back when you shop these fabulous sunglasses from Warby Parker!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Before you book your next trip make sure you have all of the essentials. It’s Jordyn, the social media, manager at Chirpyest. In case you didn’t notice already, the Chirpyest team will be creating our own blog posts every week. Since we have been interacting with our Chirpyest community, we thought it would be a good idea for you to get to know us. So today I will be sharing my top travel essentials to help you plan for your next trip.

Where did Jordyn go?

I recently went on my first vacation in over two years (due to the pandemic) to Delray Beach, Florida. My family decided to take a trip to Florida to visit my Grandma and a few family friends that moved there. We stayed at the Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa. It’s right on the ocean and within walking distance from most of the trendy restaurants.

View from Caffe Luna Rosa

My number one priority when I go on a trip is making sure there is good food. I’m a foodie (@eastcoastspoon) so I’m always in charge of finding restaurants. Check out my recommendations below.

Brunch: Caffe Luna rosa

Lunch: Drift (At the Opal)

Dinner: City Oyster | Rocco’s Tacos | Elisabetta’s

I spent most of my time at the beach. I wore a white linen shirt from Gap and denim shorts from American Eagle. And I always wear a hat when I’m at the beach. My pale skin is not a fan of the sun (unfortunately). Forever grateful for St. Tropez self-tanner. Below is what I brought on the plane with me!

Of course, I was the one who packed the most on my trip. I spent the month before ordering (and returning) clothes. It was my first vacation in a while. I wanted to make sure I had a cute fit for every occasion. However, maybe some might say I overpacked…oops! Below are some of my top travel essentials including makeup items that I brought.

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A color scheme we have been recently loving is a pink and green combo. The contrast of these two colors really compliments each other well. It gives a fun and flirty vibe. Whether you combine hot pink with a bright green or pastel green and blush pink. Keep reading below to see how to get inspired on how to pair this fun and feminine color scheme.

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Such a fun color combination in the spring and summer months. Whether they are bright or muted shades, pink and green can make a look extra feminine and flirty.

Bodysuit | Pants | Sunglasses Bag | Heels
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Dress | Skirt | Bag | Heels | Earrings
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Dress | Sunglasses | Bag Heels
+ 6% cash back at MyTheresa


When combing pink and green in the home – make sure to pick one as your base color and the other to be an accent color. That way you won’t have too much going on where it’s too busy or clashes. Make sure to throw in some neutral-colored items to even it out and make the color scheme come together perfectly.

Vase | Sofa | Lamp | Rug | Candle
Side Table | Plant | Poster
+ 5% cash back at Urban Outfitters with Chirpyest
Duvet Set | Bed Frame | Lamp | Art
Round Pillow | Candle | Linen Pillow
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