Let’s shop and save on shower caddy must haves for all of you college students. Today we are guiding those headed to the dorms to help them prepare to share a bathroom. Shop and stock up on all items you’ll need to stuff in your shower caddy. We are also here to guide you on how to save on those items because who really wants to be splurging on items for let’s be honest – not exactly one of the highlights of college life.

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Flip Flops

Whether you share a floor communal shower or have one in your dorm room, always wear flip flops in the shower! Dorms are not known for their cleanliness no matter the situation. Snag a pair with holes like these to let the water drain through and not soak up.

Shower Flip Flop
+ 4% cash back at Target

Shampoo & Conditioner Set

You never know how the water in the dorm bathrooms with affect your hair health. You may have to get used to new water pressure and cleanliness, so make sure your haircare is best suited for you. This Briogeo set is the perfect gentle shampoo and conditioner to clean and nourish your hair.

Hair Brush

You need not just any hair brush but a WetBrush! One of the best brushes to get out knots and tangles seamlessly and painlessly.

Wet Brush
+ 5% cash back at Urban Outfitters

Body Scrub

Scrub the day away with a body scrub to exfoliate and get smooth and glowing skin.

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Body Wash

Just because we know dorm bathrooms don’t smell like roses doesn’t mean you can’t! Always find a delicious smelling body wash that it also makes your skin soft and nourished. This body foam becomes as soft and velvety as whipped cream when it comes in contact with water.

Razor & Shaving Cream

I think it goes without saying that you definitely should have all grooming needs in your caddy, and you may have to get creative with the angles you shave in such a tiny bathroom.

shower caddy
Iconic Trio Shave Set
+ 2.5% cash back at Billie

Shower Cap

It’s best not to wash your hair everyday (although your body does). Just through on a shower cap for those days where your hair doesn’t need it, or your just too lazy.

Shower Speaker

If you like to jam out in the shower like us then don’t risk ruining your phone. Instead use this mini waterproof speaker the next time you have a shower concert.

Shop Shower Caddies

shower cady
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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We have been loving adding to our dorm shopping board lately. It’s almost time to head back to the dorm room and we are here to help inspire your shopping. From organizational needs to adorable decor – our dorm shopping board has it all. Shop and share products from some of our favorite stores like Dormify and Urban Outfitters.

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dorm shopping board

What is A Shopping Board?

You can save items to your shopping board to shop later or share with friends and earn cash back for any purchases made from your board! Think of it as a Pinterest board for you to show off your style but you can make money should someone shop from your board. That’s right you can earn cash back on not only your personal shopping, but others as well.

Shop Our Dorm Picks

Robe | Tank | Shorts | Slippers
+ 5 % cash back at Skims

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My 26th birthday is tomorrow. As a Leo, it only makes sense for me to write about everything I want for my birthday. That includes things that I actually need and my dream birthday presents. Does anyone else pretend to shop like they have an unlimited budget just to see what your cart total would be? Or is that just me?

My mom has always told me that I have champagne taste on a beer budget. How is that my fault when I grew up wishing I was on Gossip Girl and obsessing over everything I see on social media? So this post is for the girls (and guys) who are difficult to shop for or just don’t know what to get. Yes…this post is for the “it” girls, “that girls”, and everyone in between. Happy birthday to my fellow Leo’s out there.

The Designer Classics

If you’re going to splurge on a birthday gift then buy something that never goes out of style like a designer staple.

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The Beauty Obsessed

For the one who loves to be on trend when it comes to beauty. Here are some trending beautiful must-haves that will make for great last-minute gifts.

Stylish Fashion Finds

The fashionista in your life will appreciate new clothes. Get staple pieces that can be mixed and matched with other clothes in their closet.

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The chirpyest team is providing what we think is the ultimate content creator kit to help you get started. We are here to help guide you on your creator journey. If you are just starting out taking content creating seriously and don’t know where to start – look no further! Below we have curated what we believe is the perfect guide to get started. Be creative and prepared with our content creator kit!

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Tech Products

Selfie Tripod – An absolute must as a content creator is a selfie tripod with a ring light! As ideal as it is to have someone take photos of you, that isn’t always the case. One thing to remember when starting off with creating content is to not be embarrassed when taking content in public. As awkward as it might seem just remember this is something you love to do, embrace that creativity and be confident – it will definitely show through on your content!

New iPhone – Whether you have an extra just for work or one used for personal and business, the newest iPhone is a must. Your phone will be your holy grail when it comes to creating content so make sure you take good care of it.

Cannon Camera – If you are more into videos than photos, then a cannon camera is going to be your go to. Film yourself on the go with this mirrorless 4k camera for vlogs. Easy to use with great quality.

Chirpyest Creator Kit

Other Content Must Haves

Trusty Tote – When your out creating content make sure you have a go to tote bag to carry all of your outfit changes and gear for shooting. Bonus points for cuteness to add into your content.

Pop Up Tent – Perfect for on the go changing. If you have a busy day of shooting multiple outfits this pop up tent will be a game changer for you. Stop awkwardly changing in your car, or constantly running into establishments for the restroom. Instead just pop up your portable changing room. It may draw some attention, but hey maybe it will help gain you some followers?

Canva – A non-physical must have is definitely a Canva account! If you don’t have one already, you absolutely need it for all of your editing needs. Let your creative juices flow on this platform where to can design and edit to create your perfect aesthetic.

Recreate Madysen’s Look

Top | Pants | Headband | Bag | Heels
+ 6% cash back at Farfetch

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It’s that time of the year again when students go back to school.
You know what needs to happen before school starts? That’s right… SHOPPING TIME!

Are you ready to get back to school? These helpful essentials will make sure you don’t forget anything important.

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1. That Girl Bag Musts

All of your necessities call for backpacks. There are so many different colors and styles available. In these adorable journals, jot down all of your ideas, notes, to-dos, and doodles. A reusable water bottle may be both a necessity for school and a means of expression. To carry your ID and cards with you everywhere you go, a card holder wallet is perfect.

2. That Girl Class Ready

If you want to appear absolutely adorable while wearing something comfortable to class, this outfit is ideal!

3. That Girl Pencil Case

You might find your standard school materials, including pens and pencils, within your pencil case. There is nothing better than using a slick ballpoint pen or a recently sharpened pencil to write on paper. Keep hand sanitizer in your bag so you can clean your hands (and the hands of your pals) when necessary. In addition to your colored post-it notes, highlighters will be useful if you choose to take notes.

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It’s time to share our top brands for the month of July. Summer is going just as quickly as it got here and we have been shopping non-stop this season. From fashion to home and all things in between. This month we spent a lot and we are sharing which brands made the top of our list this July.

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HomeChef is a meal and food delivery kit that delivers pre-portioned meals and food recipes to your door. With the July summer fun comes a more busy schedule, with less time to prepare recipes. With HomeChef it’s super simple, you get to pick new meals each week and try something new. It arrives with fresh produce and step-by-step instructions for a quick and healthy meal.

Join Here
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For $15 a month you can learn how to cook, design, and sing from some of the most well-known celebrities there are. Get tips on how to write better or live a healthier lifestyle from experts in the field. With new classes added every month you have access to over 150 instructors to master your art and learn from the best in the business.

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Michael Kors

We have been loving all things blush tones and feminine vibes this month – so naturally, we have been shopping at Michael Kors for our designer fix.

Bag 1 | Sunglasses | Bag 2 | Sandals | Perfume | Earrings
+ 2.5% cash back at Michael Kors

Moon Juice

A wellness brand that helps destress and detoxify. We have been loving Moon Juice and its supplements to make us feel relaxed and nourished, along with the refreshing skincare.


A brand we shop year-round, Target is always on our list – but ranked pretty high this past month. Updating our summer home decor and furniture, we love Target for all things home. With Studio McGee recently launching in Target, it’s no wonder they are a top brand this month.

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Picnic season is the best season, and we are going to share our picnic favorites that you need! Summer is here, and so is beautiful picnic weather. Who doesn’t love a scenic view while enjoying delicious arrays of food and quality time with friends? Here we have our favorite picnic essential for any memorable day out in the sun.

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Blanket Love

Picnic dates are just what anyone needs in the sweet summertime, and we have just the right blanket for the occasion! Besides being comfortable, we want you to carry your picnic essentials with styles! From checkered print to solid staples, we know you’ll adore these options.

Stunning Picnicware

Accessories are an absolute must for a picnic, which includes things such as silverware and breathtaking charcuterie boards. While spending quality time with friends and loved ones, you can ditch the mess and simply enjoy your favorite foods!

Amazing Accessories

Don’t know how you’ll carry everything? We believe these totes or even lunch thermals are just what you need for a perfect picnic. With their decent size and amazing look, you can carry your heart’s desire and find the perfect picnic spot! We know the struggle is real but when it comes to relaxation, it never should be.

What are your picnic favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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You’ll definitely have a tote bag packed with all of your necessities wherever you go out on a sunny summer day, but how can you pack your beach bag like a pro? Don’t worry, the Chirpyest team and I have you covered. To have the PERFECT beach or pool day, we’ve listed and included everything you need plus everything you didn’t realize you needed.

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1. The Bag

2. Beauty Bag Essentials

You can locate your necessities more quickly when you need them with a clear makeup organizer. You could use some leave-in conditioner and a detangling hair brush to freshen up after diving in for a swim. Most importantly, sunscreen for your body, face, and even lips!

3. Cover Ups

4. More Bag Essentials

Here are a few other necessities you could consider for the ideal summer day. What is better than relaxing with a good book on your brand-new towel? If you don’t like to read, you can use an airpods and bluetooth speaker to listen to music or podcasts. Use an insulated water bottle to ensure that you stay hydrated and stay energized throughout the day.

5. Hats

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Emma here! Today I am sharing the apartment organization you need! I recently moved into a new apartment and was very excited to begin organizing my new space! There is still a bit to go…I feel like it will never end… but I have gotten a decent bit of the apartment organized.

Check out my chirpyest shopping board, to get a feel for my new apartment! Create your own, I am currently using it to plan out my next purchases…it is like a universal shopping cart!

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Bathroom Organization

First up was the bathroom, which originally was just a mess of bottles and skincare. When I first moved in I put everything in the cabinets not thinking about what was going where, so it was the biggest mess. The first thing I did was lay down a shelf liner. In my old apartment I did not do this and there were rings at the bottom of the cabinet where bottles had sat.

Next was the actual organization and the first thing I tackled was my makeup. For 5 years I have always done my makeup sitting at my desk and now that my desk is located in the living room, I did not want it sitting out and looking a mess. I picked up a lazy susan and smaller stackable storage bins to store my makeup in.

Onto the actual organization in the bathroom! I use these stackable bins to place all the bottles and miscellaneous bathroom neccessities. They were perfect for bottles and other items!

Kitchen Organization

I am still slowly organizing the kitchen…the pantry will always be my nemesis, but it is getting there. I purchased a lazy susan to store my spices and this pan and lid rack really organized all my pans, lids and cutting boards. The is one of my favorite purchases and is definitely apartment organization you need! That cabinet is no longer a death trap! I also picked up this box organizer that easily stores your tin foil, press ‘n seal and zip lock bags. It is perfect for the space I have it in!

Below are a few other items I have picked up for my apartment recently! A decor update is coming soon…!

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If you’ve been on social media lately you’ll know that being a IT Girl or becoming one has been a trending topic. This July would be a great time to hop on the trend. And we’re here to help you find ways to tap into yourself with these few ideas. So, here are some brands we think can help you become an IT Girl in July.

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Total Gym

Thanks to Lori Harvey Pilates has been a big topic of discussion. And since some might call Lori an IT Girl we thought Pilates would be a great start. Totalgym has just what you need if you want to start your journey as a Pilates girl but don’t feel comfortable going to an in person class. They have a great Pilates kit that you can purchase for your home.

Total Gym XLS + 4.25% cash back at Total Gym


The clothing you wear speaks your for before you even get a chance. You want to pick clothing that is comfortable but also flattering. Lululemon is such a great brand for because of how trendy their athletic wear is. It’s great for running errands, going to class, and even getting some with your girls. It’s a great and easy way to transition into this new era.

Home Chef

Probably the easiest and coolest way to become an IT Girl is by exploring and broadening your food palette. Home Chef is a Chicago, Illinois based meal and food delivery kit that delivers pre-portioned and food recipes to your door.

Shop their menu
+17.5% cash back at Home Chef

Glow Recipe

Having healthy skin is a must for any girl but especially for an IT Girl. . Glow Recipe is an skincare brand that specializes in delivering clinical results and sensorial self-care. Glow This brand is amazing for becoming an IT Girl because it helps you glow in the right way.

Chic IT Girl Outfit

Jumpsuit | Sunglasses | Earrings | Bag | Heels + 5% cash back at Intermix

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