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The best way to express yourself is by personalizing your home. Decorating may help you create an unique look that fits your style and personality. Whether you enjoy experimenting with new interior design concepts or simply want to personalize your home.

Deciding which design will suit you the best can be difficult because there are so many options and sources of inspiration, but understanding more about some of the most common decorating trends may help. Here are a few of our favorite styles of apartment decor:

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1. Bohemian

Many are drawn to the bohemian style of decorating because of its abundance of vibrant colors, organic materials, and unique charms.

2. Eclectic

The basis of eclectic design is combining many visual components, such as prints, patterns, and textures.

3. Modern Rustic

An open floor plan, contemporary furniture, and exposed and protected natural building components are the essential aspects of a modern rustic room.

4. Contemporary

A room with contemporary interior design is sleek and simple. Modern furniture typically has exposed legs and simple lines to provide a bright, airy impression. Modern design typically uses neutral color schemes and textured textiles to provide interest.

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Spring weather has most people thinking about spending more time outdoors. Kick back on the patio or deck with some Spring outdoor furniture favorites:

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Sofas, Sectionals & Love Seats

Outdoor sectionals provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings with family and friends. Sectionals come in various colors and can be L-shaped or U-shaped, depending on your patio’s size and demands. Sectionals can also feature ottomans so you can kick your feet up and relax outside after a long day.

Dining Sets

You may transform your backyard or patio into your new favorite dining spot with the help of these dining sets. These multi-purpose tables are ideal for any size patio and are perfect for family or group get-togethers. 

Coffee Tables

A patio coffee table, in any style, will complete your outdoor living space and give a convenient spot for everyone to put food and drinks.

Lounge Chairs

A lounge chair will become your favorite piece of furniture, whether you want to unwind with a book or relax with a coffee and good conversation.

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Tabletops in any room or setting can have the power of drawing attention to guests and anyone who walks by. Whether placed as centerpieces at the dinner table, or as decorative pieces, we have just the right inspirations you need to lighten up the room and spark enjoyable conversations.

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Picnic Picks

With the fresh warm sunshine coming in, we know days spent relaxing are becoming much more often. Who doesn’t love a sweet picnic? While you prepare for barbeque season, and a fun day in the sun with friends, we have your go-to picnic essentials for a perfect day outside.

Cocktail Finds

When hosting a cocktail party, we want you to feel confident with all the right refreshments to host a great party. Here are our favorite pieces we’re sure to make any gathering come to life!

Mixture of Beauty

Here are a few tabletops that can add an extra “wow” factor on any surface they’re placed on. From bowls to centerpieces, you can never run out of options to create a beautiful table spread.

Glowing Glasses

Who said drinking had to be boring? Here are some of our favorite glasses we think would be perfect for any time of day at the table. Whether you’re using these gorgeous glasses to celebrate or to have quality times with friends, we think these glasses are just the right ones to be used!

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Certainly, with retro style making a revival in pop culture, soon it’ll be in your home! With ’70s fashion on the rise seeing celebrities and influencers adding looks to their wardrobe. The ’70s inspired many interesting styles and patterns. Home décor was also impacted by the ’70s style, the lifestyle of the time was a part of the aesthetic. This style is making a comeback – see some products we would purchase below!

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1. Bean Bag Chairs

The Bean bag chair is a staple of 70’s decor. It was first a limited-quality luxury item made in Italy. When it came to the U.S., it was in most homes. They’re great when hanging out or reading. They make a great bed for pets.

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2. Lava Lamps

The Lava Lamp was created in 1963 by Edward Walker, by accident. The heated mixture of colored water and wax creates an endless moving bubble. This cool light sets the vibes for any environment and has to be mentioned when talking about ’70s decor. Their still popular and you’ve seen them in the background of your favorite shows.

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3. Wicker Wall Mirror

Wicker is one of the oldest materials used in crafts. It’s been traced back to ancient Egypt, being found in the construction of baskets chairs, and shields. Modern wicker pieces, like this mirror, saw a resurgence during the 60s and 70s.In short, they were common in households during this time.

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4. Abstract Shag Area Rug

The 70’s featured creations of bright colors and unique patterns. Rugs like this were common, they could be handmade or found locally. The mixture of swirls and colors creates an interesting pattern, sure to brighten any room. This style of material is called shag, it’s plush and soft. Shag carpeting was popular through the ’70s, fading over time. You can’t mention the revival of 70’s decor without a little shag.

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5. Jeanne Armchair

Continuing the colors of the ’70s, this armchair features a rustic orange color and a classic suede material. These chairs are featured on tv shows and movies like, ‘That 70’s show, and American Hustle. In short, this comfy chair adds to your retro decor while being a cozy spot for reading or lounging too

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6. Relaxed Sunday Chaise Sectional

This stylish sectional makes a great addition to any home. The natural color gives it a retro feel. It’s sure to add to any room arrangement, bringing both style and comfort.

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7. Targua Moroccan Coffee Table

This coffee table has a cool design, it resembles coffee tables found in the 70’s. Patterns like these were found in most homes either on furniture or other decor. With patterns like making a revival, this table would look great in a living room or an open space. To sum up, Pieces like this always add to the look of the room. 

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With warm weather fast approaching – it’s time to spend more time outdoors. If you have a patio or extra space outside, now is the time to redecorate with outdoor furniture. Add comfy couches and sofas, decorative pillows and of course who wouldn’t want a fire pit?

Create a space to host or relax when you need some fresh air or a change of scenery. See some of our favorite outdoor pieces below from Outer to create a serene outdoor experience.

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Wicker is always a go to when it comes to outdoor furniture. These chairs from Outer are extremely chic and comfortable. These water-resistant cushions come in both cream and grey.

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Match those wicker chairs with this sectional.
Perfect to provide space to host all your guests.

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The featured image was designed by our CEO @COCOCOZY. Go to her blog to see a full patio tour for inspiration.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite patio pieces are!

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Most of us are working from home now. So you might as well give your home office a modern makeover. Our CEO, Colette, visited her friend Anne Maffei in NYC last week. Colette snapped a photo of her modern home office. And we are obsessed! It has the perfect balance of manhattan sophistication and playful trends. One of the highlights of the room is the cow print accent chair. I wouldn’t mind working from this office! We found similar items to help you create a similar look in your home.

The reason Colette went to NYC was to finally meet the Chirpyest team! It has been a long time coming! Due to the pandemic, we were never able to meet in person. So last month we planned a work trip to NYC. It was so much fun finally getting to see the whole team in person. We have big things planned for 2022!

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We’re finally in the home stretch of 2021, which calls for decor galore! Chirpyest has gathered must have home decor for winter to help you get started. Spruce up your entryway with a beautiful wreath and decorate your house with fun and inviting lighting. Keep scrolling for inspiring winter decor from Chirpyest!

Keep it classy with silver or add some color to your home with fun wreaths like these!

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Who doesn’t love a good Peanuts mug? Super cute and super festive! Plus a self heating mug? Sign us up!

Never underestimate the ambiance a candle or diffuser can create. They bring decor + mood together in one perfect product!

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Need some new home design inspiration but not sure where to look? Look no further as the chirpyest team has curated three of our favorite interior home influencers to look out for. From city chic to minimalist boho. Big or small spaces, these influencers are a must to follow for any and all things home design inspiration.


Based out of New York City, @mycityapartment also known as Carly, shares how she’s making the most of her very small and very dated apartment in Manhattan, very inexpensively.

Must Have Item Under $100


Venice Native is a LA based staging company which is known for their clean, simple and unpretentious style.  Specializing in combining mid-century pieces with more current and eclectic elements to create our signature “California cool” motif.

Must Have Item Under $100


Neha from “The Home In Vogue” lives in Bay Area, California with her husband and son. She is passionate about Home decor and Design and is just getting started with DIY. Neha loves to create cheerful spaces by incorporating color in her decor. She describes her design style as a mix of Modern Boho and Eclectic. When it comes to decor, she does not believe in following any rules, and tries to decorate her home according to hers and her family’s liking. 

Must Have Item Under $100

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Take a look inside Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo ‘s ranch style home. The Los Angeles home features a swimming pool, media room, his and her closets, and a vibrant art collection.  Clements Design and Levine collaborated to create the perfect sanctuary for the rockstar family. The design of the home is simplistic yet fits Levine and Prinsloo’s lavish lifestyle.

Design: La Cornue Range; Wolf hood; Sub-Zero refrigerator; Miele wall ovens and dishwashers; Stools by Thomas Hayes Studio
Design: Rashid Johnson painting; Andrea Branzi standing light; Jean Prouvé chairs from Maxfield
Design: Clements dining table; Albert Oehlen drawing
Design:  Andrew Zuckerman artwork
Design: Stone sink;  Artwork by Peter Doi
Design: Campana Brothers chair; Jonas Wood artwork
Design: Clements Design bed;
Adam Levine’s Closet
Behati Prinsloo’s Closet
Design: Calacatta marble; Stool by Liaigre
Design: Sunken Conversation Pit by Mark Rios
Design: Landscape by Mark Rios

Acclaimed architect, Mark Rios, designed an outdoor space meant to be used and lived in by Adam Levine and his family. The backyard features a cozy conversation pit and an elevated platform to enjoy the Los Angeles views. The final touch was mature Olive trees to add some greenery around the home.

Photography by William Abranowicz

Courtesy of Architectural Digest

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New Series: Get Inspired

We are so excited to announce our latest series, Get Inspired! We will be showing off some of our favorite interior design inspirations from our Instagram feed like white kitchens, dreamy bedrooms & more!

White Kitchens

White kitchens are a trend that has taken over the interior design world. In fact, a white kitchen compliments all styles of home designs. You can see this style in modern, contemporary, and traditional designs. Designers will create an all white look, with marble countertops and backsplash. Or use a contrast color or material like natural woods. There are so many ways to design the perfect kitchen for your home. We selected some of our favorite kitchens from designers that did the trend justice.


Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle

Moon 5-Piece Flatware Set Polished Champagne

Astier de Villatte Octave Plates

Lastra Mug

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