This Thanksgiving is going to be hotter than ever! It’s time to put your best foot forward this season with these 6 Thanksgiving outfits. From cozy to chic, you can earn up to 30% cash back on these holiday fall essentials. Earn 2% cash back at Goop, Mango and 5% cash back at Neiman Marcus

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Green with Envy

A green monochromatic outfit that features a turtleneck sweater and matching skirt. An easy outfit to look put together in little to no time. Dress it up with a designer handbag and velvet loafers for some flare.

Suave and Sophisticated

A loose beige blouse with balloon sleeves paired with matching silk maxi skirt. Brown sandals and purse for a fun touch. A classy, sophisticated but fun look!

A Warm Fall

A light grey turtleneck paired with striped shorts and brown tall boots. A perfect outfit for Thanksgiving in warmer climates!

Cozy Vibes

Stay warm but stylish in some cozy blue jeans and a beige and black striped turtle neck top. Pair it with with a brown tote bag and trendy black ballet slippers. Stay warm and on trend!

Shearling, Darling

Stay stylish this Thanksgiving with a black shearling collared jacket and some classic blue jeans. Pair it with some black leather boots and socks for extra warmth. Accessorize with a black bag for an extra touch and stepping into fall with style.

Sweater Weather

A cream sweater dress paired with long black leather boots. Accessorized with a black leather bag, metallic rimmed shades and gold ice. Make a bold but classy statement.

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Shop and earn cash back when shopping for blue sweaters. Blue is definitely the dark horse color for Fall this year. A little pop of blue has been trending this season. Stock up on turtlenecks, cardigans and more with these 12 stunning blue sweaters below!

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1. Cashmere Turtleneck

A turtleneck is a sweater staple, make it cashmere to look and feel luxurious. Navy is the perfect understated shade of blue to add a little contrast without being too loud.

2. Oversized Sweater Vest

Switch things up with a sweater vest. Perfect on its own when the weather still has some warmth. Or perfect for layering when it starts to get more brisk outside.

3. Cropped Cardigan

This cropped cardigan is perfect for a more sensual look. Pair it with high waisted pants and heels for girl’s night out or date night.

4. Quarter Zip Pullover

A fleece quarter zip up is the perfect everyday sweater, both comfortable and casual.

5. Color Block Sweater

The simplest of details can make a sweater. This color block patch pocket takes this simple blue sweater and makes it unique.

6. Cut-Out Knit Sweater

Perfect for a night out, a fun cut-out can turn this sweater from day to night.

7. Ribbed Teal Sweater

A ribbed sweater should be in everyone’s wardrobe. Teal is a more common shade of blue for Fall, very fitting to combine with earth tones like tans and browns.

8. Textured Sweater

Everyone needs a textured and fun sweater to stand out every now and then. A fuzzy sweater does just that while also being soft and cozy.

9. Royal Blue Cardigan

This cropped wool cardigan is definitely giving a 90’s vibe, pair it with slim fitted jeans or trousers.

10. Asymmetrical Knit Sweater

Mix it up with a mixed knit sweater. The asymmetric lines and different style sleeves give a regular knit sweater some flare.

11. Wool Cardigan

A more trendy and gen-z option is this open luxurious cardigan. With a slim rib fit, this is definitely a more young and feminine option.

12. Polo Sweater

Wanting a more preppy look? Grab a polo sweater to achieve all things preppy.

blue sweaters
Polo Neck Sweater
+ 3% cash back at Mango

13. Oversized Striped Turtleneck

Who doesn’t love a good oversized sweater? Add some warmth with a turtleneck and some style with a striped pattern.

14. Wool Cable Knit Sweater

Need a thick heavy duty sweater? A wool cable knit sweater is sure to do the job of keeping warm, while also being a classic look during the holiday season.

Let us know which were your favorite blue sweaters in the comments below!

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It’s officially time for a Fall coat round up! Let’s shop all kinds of coats for the cooler weather this season shackets, trench coats and more. Fall fashion is like no other season, and the options are endless.

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Knit Coats

Shop a knit coat for more formal events this season. Both comfortable and classy, these knit coats are top notch quality.


A shacket is the ultimate Fall staple. Perfect for everyday October activities, light enough to not sweat but keeps the cool air out.

Dickey Coats

Veronica Beard specializes in dickey coats which are the perfect fit for an over a work outfit attire. Wear these to a formal setting or walk into work looking fabulous this Fall.

Shearling Coats

The ultimate cozy coat everyone should have. Shearling coats are super soft and feel like a stylish blanket.

Trench Coats

A classic and chic option. A trench coat pairs well with any outfit and should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe for Fall.

Puffer Coats

Something that has become more trendy in recent years is the puffer coat. Of course one of the best coats to keep warm but also one of the best for a cool modern street style look.

Teddy Coats

Teddy coats are the casual everyday pick this season. Both pull-ups and zip-ups the options are endless.

Statement Coats

Make a statement this fall, whether it’s a bold color or pattern. Grab a coat with an unexpected texture or color combination.

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A virtual stylist assists in finding someone’s “personal style”. With the world becoming more virtual everyday, online stylists are in even more demand than ever. Online shopping has become the new norm over the past few years. And while shopping online is quick and easy, it doesn’t quite help when wanting to try a different style or see if a certain color is suiting.

In enters a virtual stylist to help you define style or give a closet and new wardrobe. Stylists are always on top of the latest fashion trends and will understand what suits their client best.

Since virtual stylists are always shopping, here is a way to make some of that money spent back. The Chirpyest browser extension is free and allows customers to earn up to 30% cash back at over 850 brands. Including big fashion retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Farfetch, Bloomingdale’s and more!

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Sign Up & Add Browser Extension

You can make an account for free! Then simply add the extension from your Chrome store. Be sure to pin it to your toolbar for easy access.

Earn Cash Back When Shopping

From there the extension does all the work. The bird at the top right corner will light up with the cash back percentage at any affiliated brand. Make sure to activate and then earn cash back for online purchases.

virtual stylist
Loulou Medium Leather Shoulder Bag
+ 6% cash back at MyTheresa – $155.40 cash back on this bag

Make Shopping Boards for Clients

The shopping board feature is a great way for virtual assistants to layout ideas they have for their clients to showcase. It can also be used as a wishlist to keep track of items a client wants or to see how well pieces layout next to each other.

virtual stylist
View Rachael’s shopping board here!

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The leaves are changing this fall, and so are our handbags! Soon we’ll be seeing warm colors again – gold, brown, green, and cream. A true Fall color palette that sits at its’ warmest end of the hue scale.

Here at Chirpyest, we’ve got you covered on the all latest handbags trends to shop for this fall.

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Fluffy Creations

Can you feel the cold and fresh air? YES, fall is a windy season, and you’ll definitely want to stay warm. Guess what? Now your handbag can do the job! During this year’s fashion week, there were a lot of designers that flooded the runway with their fluffy handbag creations. These handbags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors!

Jacquemus | By Far | Stella McCartney

+ 5% cash back at Neiman Marcus with Chirpyest

Check Mate Babe

Have you been feeling preppy lately? Well there’s nothing like a check or plaid print to pull off for a back-to-school mood. These handbags deserve an A+!

Annie Bing | Zac Zac Posen | Annie Bing

Add Revolve to your shopping board with Chirpyest

Coming in Clutch

Okay, sometimes our handbags can feel like a pain to carry on our bodies, or can even feel like we’re pulling some dumbbell weights. Don’t you agree?

Well this season you don’t have to go through all the hassle, all you need is a few clutches. Check out these unique clutches for this season!

Saint Laurent | Themoir√® | Alexander McQueen

+ 5% cash back at Farfetch with Chirpyest

Glaring at the Moon

This handbag that has many names to it – slouch bag, half moon, crescent bag and more. This handbag is referred to as a “hobo” style and was traditionally used as a practical means of keeping one’s belongings in tow, via a cloth sack, that was tied around an actual stick. Now designers have enlarged the handbag or removed the traditional stick part and is essentially tying itself in its material or by chain.

Ala√Øa | Bottega Veneta | Givenchy

+ 3.5% cash back at  FRWD  with Chirpyest

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Boot season is officially here! Time to trade out your summer sandals for fall boots. From everyday UGGs to heeled boots for a night out, Bianca here to share my boot round up.

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Fuzzy Boots

What would Fall be without classic fuzzy boots? From short minis to tall ones you can roll over in true millennial fashion, UGG’s are always a must have when it comes to a boot collection.

Ankle Boots

Whether they are flat or heeled, who doesn’t love a good ankle bootie? Get classic pair of dark Chelsea boots or get a light pair of combat boots to make your outfit pop.

Mid-Calf Boots

Mid calf length are perfect to pair with those pair of pants that don’t quite reach your ankles.

Knee High Boots

A taller shoe is great to add some drama to your look but also to keep your shins warm as the weather cools down. You can never go wrong with heeled leather boots, or a comfortable flat rain boot.

Western Boots

Add some southern flare to your look with a good ole western boot. Keep it simple and neutral or find one with some color or design to stand out.

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Although we would all like to spend money on luxuries, not everyone can. Not to fear, we have the ideal substitutes for some of the most sought-after luxuries. We can help you switch from designer to knockoff in the areas of clothing, beauty products, and home goods. Find all the perfect dupes you need to purchase this fall season by reading on.

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Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is great since there are so many different types to select from, and they go with everything!

Cashmere Gloves

Soft cashmere gloves are unmatched in terms of comfort, making them the top choice when it comes to luxury.


Right now, loafers are really popular, and for good reason: they’re stylish, classic, and incredibly comfy.

Leather Trench Coat

Trench coats are terrific jackets to wear in the fall because they are lightweight and ideal for layering.


Not sure the pricy tag is worth the sneakers? Not to worry because this dupe is nearly identical to the real thing.

Bottega Veneta Bag

Financially not ready for the splurge on a designer purse? Not to fear, not everyone can afford thousands on a bag. Get this look a like for a lot less but still get a trendy and stylish bag.



Has e.l.f. come out with an exact dupe to the original flawless filter? That is what people have been saying about their glow liquid filter. But try it out yourself and see if it lives up to the Hollywood filter’s hype.

Chestnut Lipstick

I think it’s safe to say that every drugstore brand has a dupe for the luxury brand shades. Need a chestnut shade for fall? These two right here will give you the perfect pout, now just decide how much you want to spend.



The “it” mirror in home design right now is the one from Anthropologie. This mirror with a vintage feel is available in a variety of sizes, from a wall hanging poster size to a huge floor mirror version.

Duvet Cover

Bedding can be controversial when it comes to saving or splurging. Do you splurge on the comfort and or name brand or can you find a nearly identical one with the same feel?

Let us know your favorite dupes for fall in the comments below!

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Sweater season is one of our favorite seasons, and as beautiful fall comes around, chillier days are fast approaching, but we still want you to maintain your unique style. With these diverse styles, you can dress your best and worry less.

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Casual Cardigans

When it comes to a simple yet stylish look we have just the right inspiration for you. Just because it gets colder, doesn’t mean your look has to be for “warmth.” These clothes add just the right touch for any errand or day when simple is all you need.

+ 7.5% cash back at Free People

Print Heaven

A sweater doesn’t have to just be plain, and we simply love to spice our style with these unique prints that‚Äôll make everyone catch your attention. You can’t resist these options from a bold zebra print to a vibrant pastel!

+ 5% cash back at Farfetch

Fall Favorites

If you’re craving the fall color feels, we have colors like orange, burgundy, and others that are just the right inspiration that screams the season of fall. Here we have the most loved colors that we can’t resist admiring. No matter the option, we want you to feel just as good in these sweaters as the cool fall weather does.

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Let’s stock up on outfits you need to wear into your office. From more formal attire to business casual, find your perfect office inspired outfit. No matter if your office is conservative or casual with their dress code, always dress as fabulous as possible.

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For the Intern

If you’re an intern, you already know you are on your feet all day and running around doing errands. Be comfortable yet fashionable with his look below. A flowy midi skirt is sure to keep you cool and collected. Always wear shoes you know will keep you going comfortably throughout the day.

Top | Skirt | Scrunchie | Ring | Tote | Sneakers + 2% cash back at & Other Stories & Mango

All Black Everything

Always keep things sleek and chic with an all black outfit. Level up the look with silver jewelry. This is a must have look to have in your wardrobe as it will never go out of style.

Dress | Heels | Earrings | Bag | Watch
+ 5% cash back at Intermix & Farfetch

Brooklyn Hipster

Work in a more laid back office? Here is a perfect neutral look to always have on hand. Casual enough on its own or you can always accessorize to make it dressier.

Top | Bottoms | Bag | Socks | Loafers
+ 3.5% cash back at Everlane

Elle Woods Inspired

While you should never “bend and snap” in the office, you should always have a day of the week were you have a bold pop of color. This Barbie pink shade is perfect if you’re feeling extra feminine and confident.

Blazer | Skirt | Earrings | Bag | Heels
+ 6% cash back at MyTheresa

The Meredith Blake Look

This look is giving major Meredith Blake vibes, and we all know now as adults that she was such a boss. Go classic into the office with a black and white color combo that is the definition of chic and class.

Tank | Pants | Jacket | Bracelet | Heel
+ 7.5% cash back at Veronica Beard & Gorjana

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Hey babes, answer the phone – Fall is calling! Prep your wardrobe transition, from Summer to Fall by adding versatile apparel items to wear throughout the season – with cozy knits, sleek linen, and autumnal hues. Here is our cheat sheet to create your fashionable Fall wardrobe this year.

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First, let’s start with layers!

Shackets are always a must have for fall and a great transitional jacket. Plaid and quilted jackets are must haves this Fall – bring out a classical garment when out in public. More layers to add into your wardrobe are vests, any type of material or print will do!

your wardrobe
your wardrobe
your wardrobe

Plaid Shacket | Oversized Shacket Quilted Shacket

+ 3.5% cash back at PacSun with Chirpyest


Okay, we all know that a good pair of jeans can go a long way, but why not share the love across all other bottom wear? Add in some leather, vibrant colors, and darker denim jeans that can pair well with any of your favorite minimalist top!

Leather Pants | Skirt Denim

+ 7.5% cash back at Anthropologie with Chirpyest


And these boots are made for walking!

Depending on your style – whether it is bold and chunky, or chic and clean – boots are definitely needed to keep your toes warm this season. Western boots have been the latest must have during Summer, don’t be afraid to create an outfit around them for Fall!

Western Boots | Loafers Lugged Heels

+ 3% cash back at ALDO with Chirpyest


Baguette bag were so last year!

This year it’s the crescent bag Рa combo of hobo meets shoulder bag. Any leather handbag will do, big or small. A tote bag can be useful for a busy day to bring all your needed essentials and if not a small handbag will do as well. You call the shots here this leather season!

your wardrobe
your wardrobe
your wardrobe

Crescent Bag | Tote Crossbody

+ 5% cash back at Rebecca Minkoff with Chirpyest


Last but not least, the ultimate fall staple – blazers!

Blazers are the perfect transitional accessory from Summer to Fall. If it’s still warm throw it on top of a tank and biker shorts. But once it starts to get cooler out, pair it with jeans or slacks. Perfect to dress up a casual outfit or be stylish in the office.

Arlo Single-Breasted Linen Blazer | Fabiola Linen-Blend Jacket | Denim Utility Blazer

+ 5 % cash back at Intermix with Chirpyest

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