Chirpyest Style Guide

The Chirpyest team has curated an exclusive style guide to make sure you’re on trend for every season! Especially, during these crazy times, trends have been rapidly changing! When you think of fall and winter fashion, you think of autumn colors and fur coats with riding boots. However, the fashion for fall and winter in 2020 will look quite different. The guide we designed includes fashion forward and comfortable pieces to wear at home or on-the-go. We have thoroughly researched fashion bloggers and celebrities’ profiles to find the best trends that you need to invest in for this fall and winter seasons. These trends will make you stand out from socially distanced crowds, but stylish and comfortable too!

Now, you might be in need of some inspiration. We have got you covered! From styling doll dresses for fall to rocking jewel tones in the winter, we have narrowed down some of the must-have fashion trends that you need in your closet. Additionally, our goal is to help you look and feel your best. The guide includes trendsetting outfits, but are comfortable and affordable. Check out our list of the five top trends you should look out for while shopping!

Colored Leather


Colored faux leather is trend you need to add to your closet ASAP! It‚Äôs a must-have piece that can be worn for many different occasions. By styling a colored leather pant with your look, you can go from boring to BOLD. Dress it up by adding a cute pair of booties or pumps. Feeling casual? Then add an oversized graphic T-shirt and a cute pair of sneakers. Also, expand your ensemble with bright colored leathers like red, blue, green and purple. Don’t be afraid to stand out from everyone else!

Doll Dresses


Time to invest in doll dresses! This chic trend will be seen everywhere during the fall and winter seasons. You can style doll dresses with an oversized coat, boots, and fashionable accessories. Look for neutral toned dresses that can be mixed and matched to fit basically any of your moods.Try fun patterns and bright colors too! Doll dresses can take your outfit to the next level! 

Neutral Tones


Keep it neutral! Another investment to look out for are neutral tones! Especially during the upcoming fall season, neutral tones are a great way to bring some contrast to your outfit. Create a chic look by mixing and matching bright colors, jewel tones, or prints with neutral pieces. Also, add fun accessories to make your look pop or just keep it casual. Neutral coats are essential to enhance your closet. Not only do they make your outfits more stylish, but they can also be paired with many different outfits!

Cropped & Patterned Blazers


Next, start incorporating fun patterns into your outfits! If your go-to look is head to toe black. Then this trend is something to try to help you expand your style during the fall and winter seasons. Patterned blazers are the latest trend to help make your looks more stylish! Keep it classic with a black outfit, but add a patterned blazer to freshen up your look. Or give your style some flare with a floral or animal printed blazer. Have fun exploring your style but adding eye-catching patterns to your wardrobe.


Obviously, your closet is already full of oversized blazers, but that is so 2019. In 2020, you’ll be seeing variations of chic and stylish cropped blazers. Cropped blazers will be one of the hottest fashion items for the fall and winter seasons. Particularly, start investing in some staple cropped blazers that will compliment every look. Add a little edge to your outfit or give your outfit some modern elegance too!

Jewel Tones for Fall & Winter

Another trend to keep any eye out for while shopping are jewel tones. Jewel tones are essential items to add to your fall or winter wardrobe. Try styling jewel tones with neutral colors to create an elegant balance with your outfit. Emerald green is a stunning color to wear to a family gathering or dinner party. Or rock a ruby red sweater with a cute pair of jeans for a casual day at home. Create trendsetting looks by being playful and experimental with jewels tones. Make looking chic look effortless!

What are Jewel Tones?

Colors that look similar to the color of gem stones: emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and sapphire blue. 

Shop This Look

 Fall & winter is all about being polished, but bold. As the seasons change and the temperature gets colder, your style starts to change too. You will add more layers to your looks like jackets, coats, and sweaters. Not sure where to start? Then, go look through your clothes at home and see what you need. It‚Äôs especially important that you expand your closet by adding unique and stylish pieces. Experiment with different styles and trends as well as elevating your everyday style! Try new ways to enhance your outfit, by adding fun prints and eye-catching jackets. And since you‚Äôre at home more often, take this unique time as an opportunity to be experimental. 

Above all, fashion is meant to be fun and expressive. Explore your personality through the art of fashion. Happy shopping!

The Chirpyest Style Guide – Featured Bloggers

Check out these amazing bloggers’ accounts. They all have created amazing Instagram feeds, but they all have their own unique style. If you’re looking for fashion inspo, as well as new trends to try, then their accounts will be your new obsessions! 


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Spring Dress Inspiration

Spring is here and its time for some spring dress inspiration! Don’t forget to add a new spring/summer dress to your list! Here are 10 perfectly cute spring dresses from 10 stylish girls!

spring dress inspiration 1

@audrey.kano looks amazing in her off-the-shoulders mini yellow dress! We love it!
spring dress inspiration 2

@lkflinn ‘s dress is super adorable, perfect for a getaway! Also, that handbag is sooo cute!
spring dress inspiration 3

The turquoise midi dress looks super cute on @izzieastevski! We gotta say we love your style!
spring dress inspiration 4

@inescomani is rocking her red dress with confidence! We love it!
spring dress inspiration 5

Yellow is definitely @mursall.s ‘s color! She glows in this mini dress!
spring dress inspiration 6

We love how lovely and charming @yerazgokbas looks in her beautiful blue dress! Plus we love your hair! You look great!
spring dress inspiration 7

We will take all of the colorful floral print dresses this season. @alexis.b____ ‘s daisy dress is too cute! And it is perfect for her! Also, the gold accessories fit so well with the dress!
spring dress inspiration 8

@mckennafairey ‘s cream dress is simple yet feminine and lovely! Sping can be the perfect time to rock a long sleeve dress + the blue scrunchie is a fun addition. She looks perfect in it against the ocean background!
spring dress inspiration 9

What about three dresses for inspiration in 1? Black and white patterns are in. @sofia.deeb and her girls are owning the day with their dresses! Love the style and of course, the heels!
spring dress inspiration 10

@tisssha turns head in her trendy mini dress! Talk about white spring dress inspiration. The halter top is the perfect flirty detail! Plus, those hoops and sunglasses are on point!

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Workout Outfit Ideas

Workout Outfit Ideas

by chirpyest

Get ready for major workout outfit ideas. They say working out is a lot easier if you have a new workout outfit to wear. Get ready to be drooling over some of these items – You may just need to refresh my workout wardrobe after this!

The Casual Workout

Workout Outfit Ideas for the casual workout
Perfect for the casual workout pair black biker shorts with a versatile black work out tank. Then pair it with a fleece zip-up like this one or a different hoodie/sweater. For an easy monochromatic look pair this with a white water bottle and training shoes perfect for any activity.

The Class Hopper

Workout Outfit Ideas for the class hopper
For the class hopper versatility is key. Pair a legging and sports bra set with a sports hoodie – to be prepped for any environment. Most importantly always keep a scrunchie in your bag + a pair of multi-purpose training shoes. We love the idea of pairing mauve pink with a stone-like patterned hoodie.

The Hiker

Workout Outfit Ideas for the hiker
The perfect workout outfit ideas for the hiker include layers and proper footwear. Comfortable and breathable leggings are a must. Add in a fun sports bra and a light 3/4 zip that easily can be tied around your waist later in the day. A killer pair of hiking boots like these are perfect for a seasoned hiker! Plus add in a lavender scrunchie in for fun in case it gets windy.

For the Pilates Addict

Workout Outfit Ideas for the pilates addict
For the pilates addict, a casual but fitted pair of leggings is necessary as well as the cropped style sports bra. Then add on a cute top. For cooler climate add on a sleek hoodie to add a layer of warmth. Then all is left is a comfy pair of shoes!

The Yoga Obsessed

Workout Outfit Ideas for the yoga obsessed
The yoga obsessed need tight fitted clothing tends to be handy. Pick up cute leggings and sports bra set and pair it with a fitted tee or long sleeve. A scrunchie is a must to keep hair out of the way. These sneakers are perfect for running around. Plus this outfit is cute enough to run errands in after class.

For the Avid Runner

Workout Outfit Ideas for the avid runner
Avid runners need to layer up with practical gear. Leggings built for running and an extra support sports bra are the best. A thin long sleeve is perfect to keep warm and it layered beautifully under this zip-up jacket. There’s nothing worse than dealing with stray hairs while running. Pick up a chic headband to keep hair issues to a minimum.


Workout Outfit Ideas for weightlifters
For weightlifters, functional pieces are important to avoid injury! Start with a thick legging meant to add a layer of support and a sports bra. This long sleeve crop top is great because it’s a tight fit and won’t get in the way. If it’s colder out layer up with a fleece pullover to keep the muscles warm. Then just pair with your favorite gym sneaks.

For the Explorer

Workout Outfit Ideas for the explorer
The explorer, a fun and exciting outfit is perfect. This colorful look is just as exciting as the journey. The snakeskin leggings and sports bra are very on-trend and look fantastic paired with a pink + raspberry fleece zip-up and sneakers. Don’t forget a water bottle for the trip!

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